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अद्रोहः सर्वभूतेषु कर्मणा  मनसा  गिरा |
अनुग्रहश्च दानं च सतां धर्मः सनातनः ||
Verse 1013 Maha-subhashita-samgraha

Showing no ill will or deceit towards any living being on Earth, and instead expressing kindness through actions, thoughts, and words |
Sharing their wealth for charitable purposes, all these are the ways in which noble and righteous persons follow the tenets of the Sanaatan Dharma ||

adrohaḥ sarvabhūteṣu karmaṇā manasā girā |  anugrahaśca dānaṃ ca satāṃ dharmaḥ sanātanaḥ || 

Where Our Heart Belongs

Kalaalaya's genesis has been a natural outcome of multiple events past and present. We came face to face with realities and opportunities that there was no other solution possible but this.

The unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic cast a harsh light on the plight of Indian artisans, whose livelihoods were decimated in its wake. Witnessing their struggles and resilience, we were compelled to act—to provide a lifeline for these custodians of tradition, ensuring that their artistry continued to flourish despite adversity.

We were struck by the pervasive unawareness surrounding the richness of Indian art, its profound significance, and its intrinsic value in our lives. It was a revelation that ignited a spark within us—a fervent desire to illuminate the world with the brilliance of Indian artistic heritage.

Proud of our Sanaatani heritage, we are witnessing a resurgence of its awareness which is a poignant catalyst for our journey. In its timeless wisdom and profound teachings, we found a guiding light—a testament to the enduring relevance of ancient philosophies in the fabric of our contemporary world order. It is that time to paint the right strokes so that our combined tapestry beautifies our lives.

So here are our guiding principles:

  • At Kalaalaya, our mission is to bring the transformative power of art into every home, enriching lives and creating a lasting connection to Indian art and culture. We believe that art has the ability to inspire, uplift, and tell compelling stories that resonate with people from all walks of life.

  • Kalaalaya is committed to presenting local Indian artforms to an international audience, bridging cultural gaps and fostering cross-cultural appreciation. We strive to create opportunities for talented artists to showcase their work globally, promoting diversity and promoting a deeper understanding of the rich tapestry of Indian art and traditions.

  • Furthermore, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable income source for rural Indian households. By collaborating directly with artists and artisans from rural communities, we aim to empower them economically, preserving traditional art forms and supporting the livelihoods of these talented individuals.

  • We are dedicated to propagating Indian art and culture by showcasing the diverse and vibrant artistic traditions of our country. Through our carefully curated collections, we aim to celebrate the richness of Indian heritage and foster a deep appreciation for the artistic expressions that have evolved over centuries.

  • Through our art, we aspire to inspire individuals by telling captivating stories that evoke emotions, spark imagination, and encourage meaningful conversations. We believe that art has the power to transcend boundaries and provide a gateway to shared experiences, fostering empathy and connection within our communities.

The inception of poetry and the myriad arts arises from the noble intention of advancing the welfare of humanity |
Even as the light of knowledge is disseminated far and wide, so too should the splendor of art be exalted and celebrated, illuminating the path to enlightenment and enriching the lives of all ||

Kalāṃ mānuṣyakalyāṇi kavitāprārabdhayaḥ prajāḥ। Yathā vidyā vidhātuṃ syād tathā kalāṃ pravartayet॥

कलां मानुष्यकल्याणि कविताप्रारब्धयः प्रजाः।
यथा विद्या विधातुं स्याद् तथा कलां प्रवर्तयेत्॥
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